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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQs section, your go-to resource for answers to common questions about our Diagnostic Management System. We understand that navigating the world of healthcare can raise numerous queries, and we're here to provide clarity. Our FAQs are designed to offer comprehensive information, addressing your concerns and ensuring you have a seamless experience with us.

Scheduling an appointment is easy. You can book online through our website, call our dedicated appointment hotline, or visit our facility in person. Our user-friendly online booking system allows you to choose the preferred date and time, making the process convenient for you.

The duration of tests varies depending on the type of diagnostic service. Some tests provide immediate results, while others might take a few days. Our staff will inform you about the expected timeline during your appointment. Rest assured, we strive to deliver accurate results in a timely manner.

Yes, our facility is accredited, and all our medical professionals are certified, experienced, and highly skilled in their respective fields. We adhere to stringent quality and safety standards to ensure the best possible care for our patients.

Yes, we offer a secure online portal where you can access your test results once they are available. You will receive login credentials and instructions on how to access the portal during your visit.

In most cases, a referral is not required. However, some insurance plans might require one for coverage purposes. It’s advisable to check with your insurance provider or contact us for specific details related to referrals.